Imagine a Bulgaria where every road is a pathway to safe and secure destinations, where each journey is free from the worries of accidents or hazards. That’s the Bulgaria we envision with our ambitious “Safer Roads Bulgaria” initiative, slated to unfold over the next two years.

Our mission is multi-faceted, designed to bring safety to the forefront of the national conversation. First, we’re conducting specialized training programs that will educate government administrators on how to apply the latest road safety protocols and data analytics for smarter decision-making. But we’re not stopping at the governmental level—businesses are also part of the plan. They’ll be updated on equipment standards and safe driving practices that go beyond mere compliance.

Community engagement is the heart of our initiative. Through stakeholder workshops, we’re looking to turn every citizen into a road safety advocate, equipped with the knowledge and tools to make a difference.

Yet, what’s education without a touch of inspiration? We’ll be rolling out eye-catching billboards, informative brochures, and an educational film series to keep the public engaged and informed. And behind the scenes, we’re advocating for robust policy changes to bring Bulgaria’s road safety laws up to European standards.

Every step of the way, we’ll measure our success through a set of Key Performance Indicators, focused on reducing accidents, improving legal compliance, and raising public awareness about road safety.

Stay with us through this transformative journey as we aim to make Bulgarian roads safer for everyone. Check back for quarterly updates and to discover how you can contribute to this life-saving cause.