‘Monographs in Risk and Resilience’’ is a new peer-reviewed independent series published by the Australian Risk Policy Institute to stimulate public debate. ‘Monographs’ provides the opportunity for authors to explore concepts and develop ideas to a level of detail that many other publications do not allow.

Commonwealth Risk Management Policy

This guide offers suggestions on how the Commonwealth’s Risk Management (Operational) Policy could be more effective.

Risk Policy in Business Continuity

ARPI Winter Seminar

Miles Pearson

An Australian Consumer Law

Peter Quinton – ACI working party



Administration Reform

ARPI Submission

ARPI Board of Management

Apprentices Regulatory Reform

ARPI Director

Peter Quinton


Emergency Warning Systems

Capacity of Communication Networks

ARPI Submission to Senate Inquiry

Address Systemic Risk

Through Risk Policy

Presentation at risk management seminar

John Scott

Consumer Risk

Approach needed for Essential Services

ARPI Submission

Proposed National Consumer Credit Reform Legislation

ARPI Submission

Compliance Risk Policy

in the Boardroom

ARPI Winter Seminar

Michael D’Ascenzo, Commissioner of Taxation

ARPI Submission to Senate

inquiry into recent trends in and preparedness for extreme weather events

ARPI Submission

Federation White Paper Background briefing on vertical fiscal imbalance

ARPI Director

Peter Quinton

The Victorian Bushfire

Royal Commission

ARPI Submission

ARPI Board of Management

Federation White Paper – Observations

ARPI Directors

Peter Quinton

Grants and Funding in the Public Sector

Tom McDonald